The Company

Civic Ballet 2017-2018 Roster

Civic Ballet Members

Claire Bland

Adrienne Hildenbrand

Cameron Stevens

Rachel Frick

Maclaine Griffith

Emma Reid

Sarah Beth Stewart

Madelyn Von Strahl

Civic Ballet Apprentices

Sophie Hoard

Gracie Wright

Sara Catherine Wood

Caroline McCutchen

Civic Ballet II

Eron Hendrix

Averi Coleman

Faith Williams

Scarlett Von Strahl

Past Member Lists coming soon

Board Members

Rhonda Von Strahl - President
Allen Coleman
Tracy Crysup - Co-Treasurer
Chasity Dees
Sayuri Dijkwel
Beth Frick
Lori Grelen - Co-Treasurer
Janine Hassell
Beth Richardson - Secretary
Summer Swinney - Parent Liaison


Auditions are held each year in late May/early June during the summer intensive workshop and in August, the week before the beginning of classes. Auditions are open to any intermediate/advanced dancer from any studio. Special arrangements can be made by calling 662-601-8042 or emailing