Company Civic Ballet

Civic Ballet 2017-2018 Roster

CB Dancers

  • Claire Bland
  • Adrienne Hildenbrand
  • Cameron Stevens
  • Rachel Frick
  • MacLaine Griffith
  • Emma Reid
  • Sarah Beth Stewart
  • Madelyn Von Strahl

CB Apprentice Dancers

  • Emilie Chandler
  • Sophie Hoard
  • Gracie Wright
  • Sara Catherine Wood
  • Caroline McCutchen

CB II Dancers

  • Eron Hendrix
  • Averi Coleman
  • Faith Williams
  • Scarlett Von Strahl

Board Members

  • Rhonda Von Strahl - President
  • Chasity Dees
  • Sayuri Dijkwel
  • Beth Frick
  • Lori Grelen - Treasurer
  • Janine Hassell
  • John Raymer
  • Beth Richardson - Secretary
  • Summer Swinney - Parent Liaison


Auditions are held each year in late May/early June during the summer intensive workshop and in August, the week before the beginning of classes. Auditions are open to any intermediate/advanced dancer from any studio. Special arrangements can be made by calling 662-601-8042
PO Box 3331, Tupelo, MS 38803
or emailing

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  Civic Ballet - 3 minutes

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